Shaman- Healer- Seer

Welcome to my sanctuary on the web

The path of the shaman is the path of the self with a deep connection to nature. The subject of shamanism deals with the very pure forms of the elements and natures energies.

My name is Raven, I am a Shaman psychic seer and healer based in the UK  offering accurate psychic and tarot readings. Readings are available by e-mail, online & post. Shamanic pouches can be made and empowered  for love health money and many other areas of life can be worked on too using   my own type of shamanic magic and spell work.

I carry out readings for you which are designed to help you see the path which you will find the easiest and happiest to travel along. I do answer questions on the past present and future although I do not believe in "fortune telling" I leave that work to others who may or may not be very good at it depending on an assortment of reasons, including their skill, their link with you, and the karmic situation that you find yourself in. Everyone is treated as an individual as that is what you are and I will always look for the way forward that is in your best interests both on a mundane level as well as a karmic level.

Through my work as a clairvoyant, magician, and seer I am able to help progress your life path, and directed energies to help clear blockages and heal situations that otherwise could cause your energy to be depleted, cause unhappiness and stop you gaining the success that you deserve.  I do use tarot cards in the course of my work especially during divination, although I use Dream weaver cards and natural psychic ability within my readings.


Psychic reading by Raven , ask 2 questions £19.99 order online,  please ask 2 questions click here to order online


Natural clairvoyant reading 5 questions using  £39.99 Order Online click here to order online.


Relationship reading with Raven  please ask up to 5 questions£39.99 click here to order online.


Spirit guide and Angelic reading by Raven, please ask up to 5 questions £39.99 click here to order online.


Soul Reading with Raven, please ask up to 5 questions £39.99 click here to order online. These readings are available on fridays only. Please book in advance.


Magical Shamanic Pouches £40 Order Online


This is similar to a spell, but in my experience much more effective. I carry out the ritual working for you and then post the completed spell to you in a small pouch to be carried upon your person. I have carried out this work for many years and a lot of people find that my pouches, custom spell work and preparations are much more effective than normal off-the-shelf spell work. If you have tried all the rest then come and try this type of working. It may just be the way forward for you, a turning point on your path. If you decide its not for you after reading this, all that you have lost is a few minutes reading this page. Good luck along your path and may you be blessed.


If you would like my help or advice then please do ask me, either email me or write to me at the addresses on the contact page. Or read ravens help page.


Customs spell work is available, for all areas of life please ask for details.


My readings and pouches are now available to buy online,


The address of my payment gateway is www.indigo-star.org



I wish you well.


With love and best wishes Raven